A massive undersea earthquake frees the evil kingdom of Gondwana from the depths of the ocean. Its empress, Cremelle, is ready to lead her partly human inhabitants, trapped below for millions of years, to conquer the earth. All that stands in her way are Axxiss, an Indian

American, and five other teenagers from different parts of the globe. Who have one thing in common - a medallion that was mysteriously put around their necks and that cannot be removed.


What is the medallion? Why have they been chosen to wear it? Who is the dog that appears out of thin air says they have to find the keys to lock Gondwana down forever? Will he be able to save the children and guide them through the complex maze of history, space and time to find this key?

  Follow the six children as they race against time to find the key - before Cremelle can destroy the human race.

This is the beginning of a wild leap of imagination that stretches over time, space, digging up the past, fantastic meeting with world renowned scientist who proved the theory of gravity, and the brilliant development of the story, that makes the six teenagers come together, to solve a common problem. Axxiss and the Magic Medallions is a book that can be read at many levels. At the top layer, is this awesome adventure of these six young boys and girls, but beneath that there is another layer, that addresses the young mind of main characters of the book, making it a YA fiction. There is the third layer as well...GOOD READS